Elementary School Tutor Approved

I am a tutor for our school district here in Lubbock, TX. I will be sure to take this book along to read with my Pre-K and Kindergarten students in the Fall. ~ Kelly T.

Great stories appeal to multiple generations and this one has.

This is a wonderful book. Great stories appeal to multiple generations and this one has. Kathleen Shields has let us all remember the magical time in our lives when our mystical friends reminded us of their ever present love and protection. ~ John A.

Skeeter is so adorable!

My heart went out to him when he sat there crying, embarrassed because he had sprayed everyone. But then when everyone came together to help him my heart just soared! You go Skeeter! ~ April

Hamilton Troll will charm the hearts of readers young and old.

Kathleen J. Shields has succeeded in creating an adorable character named Hamilton Troll who will charm the hearts of readers young and old. “Hamilton Troll Meets Pink Light Sprite” will not only capture your child’s imagination, it will also teach them to be brave like Hamilton when facing their problems. This whimsical, rhythmic tale is further enhanced by the vivid illustrations of Leigh A. Klug. Leigh’s artistic background and creativity have come together to bring the creatures of Hamilton Woods to life. This busy mother of two appreciates the chance to rediscover childlike wonder in the delightful story of “Hamilton Troll Meets Pink Light Sprite” and looks forward to meeting more of Hamilton’s friends and joining them on their adventures. ~ Stefanie D.

I love the stories and the illustrations are great.

I had a chance to read this book at a friend’s house and I have ordered copies for my young nieces. I love the story and the illustrations are great. You will fall in love with this Troll. Can’t wait for the next in series. ~ Christi

Barney Bee is my favorite story so far!

I can relate to his eating problem, I love his spunky personality and the dedication to the Texas Wildflowers is an excellent touch! Thank you for writing such educational content. ~ June C.

An incredibly fun, non-violent story

Kathleen has shown that for a children’s story to be interesting it doesn’t have to have violence in it. Our children see enough violence every day in the news. They need an escape from all that and this author has provided just that in her book. It lets children be children again and allows a safe place to explore and learn. Thank you Kathleen! My grandchildren will love it! ~ Janice