Life Skills


These award-winning educational children’s books will make excellent additions to any library or family bookshelf. These stories will teach children all sorts of life lessons and knowledge that can benefit them.

Social Skills

  • How to make friends
  • Face your fears.
  • Practice makes perfect.

Animal Characteristics

  • Why woodpeckers drill holes.
  • Bees are colorblind
  • Owls need to be taught how to hoot.

Scientific Data

  • How petrified wood is made.
  • Ducks fly south for the winter.
  • Where fossils come from.

Fun Stories


Each Hamilton Troll book tells a fun story about the topic or character that he meets. These rhyming stories have a fun bouncy rhythm that helps teach children how to read the fun way.

Because these stories rhyme, if a word is used that may be considered above the reading level, it is defined at the bottom of the page so children will learn a new word or phrase.

With the additional educational content that is skillfully crafted into the stories and the fun games that are added, like ‘Find Pink Light Sprite’ or ‘How many trolls are there?’ these stories will bring hours of fun and repeat reading for years to come.