Welcome Librarians!

Whether you are from public or private schools, or public libraries we are very happy you found your way here.  This award-winning, educational rhyming story series would be an excellent addition to your library.  Here’s why:

Every story has a message…

  •   educaional pagesLearning can be fun
  •   Practice Makes Perfect
  •   Exercise & Play Daily

Learn Social Skills

  •   How to make friends
  •   Face your fears
  •  Be a good loser

Educational Content

  •   Animal Characteristics
  •   Nature Information
  •   Vocabulary Definitions

Teacher Curriculum

  •   Language Arts
  •   Math
  •   Science
  •   Art Class

Website Benefits

  •   Children’s Game Section
  •   Coloring & Activity Book
  •   Videos (Troll TV)
  •   Troll Patrol (Bully Prevention)

Cookbook Coming!  The Visits Series to follow… Hamilton Troll will be traveling the world.

The Hamilton Troll Children’s Story Series is the brainchild of author, Kathleen J. Shields. It is her dream to make Hamilton Troll a household name through the entertainment and education of children. Her goal:

  • Learn while having fun
  • Improve reading skills
  • Build vocabulary
  • Enhance world knowledge

Hamilton Troll can be anyone. He is small, curious and excited about learning. He is sometimes afraid but with his friends he finds the courage to do anything.

Encourage children to read about Hamilton Troll or read to them at story time. Use some of the activities to promote their socialization and education and spread the word to friends, family, teachers and neighbors. Everyone benefits including your library!