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The Hamilton Troll books are beautiful in every way:

Meaningful content and colorful, original illustrations. I purchased the series plus Dandy Lion for my four great nephews and my great niece. When I read Hamilton Troll Meets Chatterton Squirrel to the pre-school boys, they loved the artwork. The rhyme appealed to the lower elementary boys who are still mastering sound/symbol relationships. Hamilton’s simple life lessons are important and easy for all young children to understand and are presented in a manner subtle enough to invite adult-child conversation after reading the book. My great niece, an advanced reader in third grade, picked up Dandy Lion on her own and read it cover to cover. From a great aunt’s point of view, I am happy to see sweet characters in books as opposed to the smart-mouthed characters so prevalent in today’s television, movies, and many books. Kudos to Kathleen and her illustrators! – Jan B.

First class educational entertainment for children age 4 and up.

“Hamilton Troll Meets Skeeter Skunk” is the second hardback book of the distinctive, color illustrated series. Green Hamilton Troll enjoys playing stick-and nut-games with his forest friends, but when Skeeter Skunk wants to join in the game, stinky problems arise. The forest friends do not hold Skeeter to blame for his unconscious defensive behavior of releasing a stinky spray when he is surprised, and they try every possible solution to help him control his spray they can imagine. In the end, Skeeter Skunk is so impressed by their acceptance of him that he grows into an ability to control his spray. The book ends with a rousing and surprising final stick and nut game that Skeeter participates in with joy. Told in rhyme, with hint vocabulary definitions on select pages, “Hamilton Troll Meets Skeeter Skunk” is first class educational entertainment for children age 4 and up. The bright and breezy color illustrations make the story come alive.  – Midwest Book Review

Authentic, imaginatively presented,

“Hamilton Troll Meets Barney Bee” continues the charmingly illustrated narrative verse series for preschoolers known as the Hamilton Troll series. Hamilton Troll is curious and pleased to meet his first bee friend Barney one sunny day. Although Barney teaches Hamilton a lot about bees and flowers, spreading pollen, and making honey from nectar, Barney Bee is getting tubby from his habit of eating honey, nectar and pollen. This may compromise his ability to fly and meet other bee responsibilities. Hamilton counsels him “..besides eating sweets, you must do other things, hobbies, games, how ’bout friends?” In listening to Barney Bee’s answer, Hamilton learns some interesting facts about bees, such as that male drone bees cannot sting. Hamilton also learns that bees are color blind, and see red flowers as grey, which is not appealing to them. Finally Barney is ground-bound for awhile because of his overeating of sweets, and Hamilton encourages him to move about and exercise to wear off some of his excess honey weight, so he can fly again. Thus Barney learns a valuable lesson of moderation in sweets intake, to help him be a better Bee. Barney also shows Hamilton how to identify 6 species of Texas wildflowers that bees love to pollinate. Children age 4 and up will enjoy learning about bees with Hamilton, and games like searching for the Pink Light Sprite in the colorful illustrations will help keep reader interest high. The wildflower illustrations are authentic, while the characters of Hamilton and Barney are imaginatively presented against a natural wild prairie background. “Hamilton Troll Meets Barney Bee” is the third hardback title in the Hamilton Troll series of illustrated educational rhyming stories for children age 4 and up. – Midwest Book Review

The narrative of rhyme is sophisticated, child oriented and has good rhythm.

I was asked by the writer to review this book and it is one of very few books for children I have agreed to read and review. I found this a delightful tale of a troll who meets a new friend and learns a lesson in how to get over his fears. He is also given practical advice on how to protect his home in a storm and how to transplant a plant carefully. He wanders the woods helping the animals and giving out hugs and giggling, which is rather nice. The Illustrations are beautifully done and the colours are not garish or too bright, which I have found in a lot of modern children’s books. However the best bit about this book is the narrative of rhyme which is sophisticated, child oriented and has good rhythm. I can imagine reading this to my granddaughter at quite a pace, and keeping her interest with the words and the fine detail in the pictures. A very good book for children. – Janette

I read the Hamilton Troll series and found them to be inspiring.

I read the Hamilton Troll series and found them to be inspiring. I particularly like the illustrations and how Kathleen chose to use some complex words for young readers but ensured to include a caption explaining terms in young readers terms. ~ Kathy U. 

An adorable little troll with a sensitive side who does good deeds for others.

An adorable little troll with a sensitive side who does good deeds for others. That is not what people think of trolls. Kathleen Shields, puts heart and takes out toughness from her endearing character, Hamilton Troll. This story will be loved by young children and will not frighten them. I think there should be more books like this. Children learn the importance of treating one another in kind ways. Kathleen has shown that for a children’s story to be interesting it doesn’t have to have violence in it. Our children see enough violence every day in the news. They need an escape from all that and this author has provided just that in her book. It lets children be children again and allows a safe place to explore and learn. Thank you Kathleen! My grandchildren will love it! ~ Janice 

Hamilton captured her imagination as she read and re-read the story aloud

I bought this book for my 8 year old granddaughter – a reluctant reader. I was happily surprised by her reaction. Hamilton captured her imagination as she read and re-read the story aloud, pointing out to me the definition of “transplant” inserted at the bottom of one page. She’s anxiously waiting on the next adventure. ~ Janeil A. 


I have read your latest book about Hamilton and his friend Skeeter the Skunk, and find it delightful. I kept wondering how on earth you were going to pull it off. How could a skunk not smell? All kids know they stink, but then you handled it beautifully, even making the little fella socially acceptable!! ~ Mary Ann K. 

He has not put it down since he got it.

Our little Logan loved the book. He has taken it to school, 3 years old, school. He has not put it down since he got it . He loves the little characters. His sister and I have been reading it to him every night. He can’t wait for the other books! ~ Annette T. & Kelly T. 

I laughed myself silly!

I just recently read this story and laughed myself silly. He ate so many sweets he couldn’t fly! How many of us have felt that way before? Kathleen has carefully crafted the dreaded E-word (exercise) into a story children won’t mind reading. ~ Nan 

I am a tutor for our school district…

I am a tutor for our school district here in Lubbock, TX. I will be sure to take this book along to read with my Pre-K and Kindergarten students in the Fall. ~ Kelly T.  

Great stories appeal to multiple generations and this one has.

This is a wonderful book. Great stories appeal to multiple generations and this one has. Kathleen Shields has let us all remember the magical time in our lives when our mystical friends reminded us of their ever present love and protection. ~ John A. 

Skeeter is so adorable!

Skeeter is so adorable! My heart went out to him when he sat there crying, embarrassed because he had sprayed everyone. But then when everyone came together to help him my heart just soared! You go Skeeter! ~ April 

Hamilton Troll will charm the hearts of readers young and old.

Kathleen J. Shields has succeeded in creating an adorable character named Hamilton Troll who will charm the hearts of readers young and old. “Hamilton Troll Meets Pink Light Sprite” will not only capture your child’s imagination, it will also teach them to be brave like Hamilton when facing their problems. This whimsical, rhythmic tale is further enhanced by the vivid illustrations of Leigh A. Klug. Leigh’s artistic background and creativity have come together to bring the creatures of Hamilton Woods to life. This busy mother of two appreciates the chance to rediscover childlike wonder in the delightful story of “Hamilton Troll Meets Pink Light Sprite” and looks forward to meeting more of Hamilton’s friends and joining them on their adventures. ~ Stefanie D. 

I love the story and the illustrations are great.

I had a chance to read this book at a friend’s house and I have ordered copies for my young nieces. I love the story and the illustrations are great. You will fall in love with this Troll. Can’t wait for the next in series. ~ Christi 

Barney Bee is my favorite story so far!

Barney Bee is my favorite story so far! I can relate to his eating problem, I love his spunky personality and the dedication to the Texas Wildflowers is an excellent touch! Thank you for writing such educational content. ~ June C. 


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